This month's best seller-6090 laser machine

Carina 346

6090 Laser Machine is mainly useful engraving and cutting samll material.

With the development of the handicraft industry, many people began to develop the production of the small workshop with the family as a unit. Therefore, the promotion of the mini machine became the most popular product of the moment.

The small size of this machine, which is hand-crafted with little space and has a good configuration, is the first choice for first time entrepreneurs. Let's talk about the configuration of the machine: area 600*900mm

2.RECI 80W laser power tube

3.CW5000 water chiller

4.Up-down work table

5.Red point, Auto focus

6.Air pump, Exhaust fan

7.Working voltage:220v/1ph/50hz

Below is the machine picture for your reference:

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