Characteristics of engraving machine transmission

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The transmission mode of woodworking engraving machine used for rack drive, Ji'nan SEAZEA woodworking engraving machine is used in rack drive, which meet the needs of customers, but also improve the product quality and the processing efficiency.
Rack transmission is a kind of transmission mode which is controlled by the precision rack, and the gear drives the equipment to run. Rack drive in anti deformation contractile basic does not exist, at the same time according to different rack, the driving stick wide can reach wider,
The inner tooth occlusal surface is more, and the transmission precision is more stable.
At present, rack drive is mostly used in woodworking engraving machine. The main reason lies in the stability of the cutting precision of the equipment in the process of using.
Suitable for the woodworking industry: flat sheet, three-dimensional wave board processing, screen, craft window processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, wooden craft, paint the door of the engraving, cutting, engraving, drilling and other processing.

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